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This highly desirable cut edge double tier wedding veil has a plain cut, rounded edge for the top and bottom layer. With this veil you have the choice of 54, 72 or 108" lower layer widths depending on the fullness of gathering you desire. Length is set at fingertip (36") length. The top (blusher) layer of this double tier veil is 25" long and 54" wide. The veil shown in the picture has a top layer 25" long and 54" wide and a bottom layer 36" long and 108" wide.

Fingertip Length - Double Tier Cut Edge Veil

  • Construction

    • Bridal Illusion Tulle (available in white, diamond white and ivory/cream)
    • Standard Acrylic Comb (3.0 or 4.5") sewn on
    • Optional Metal Comb (3.0 or 4.5") sewn on
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