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Ana Mills - Design Director, SignatureBash

Why do something if you're not going to put all of your person, the very fiber of who you are, into it?  

I design because I love it, because I find beauty where most just see the mundane, because to me the look, touch and feeling you get matters just as much as the price. SignatureBash is a way that I can share a bit of myself with the world, it's my impression, my legacy and more than just's life!

SignatureBash is a reflection of me, the way I design and the care I put into every piece is the driving force behind the brand! With each item, event or accessory, I transfer some of that fierce energy to you. I invite you with welcome arms to SignatureBash, become a part of the family - those who dare to be great!

CEO and Design Director

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SignatureBash aims to provide a truly unforgettable experience no matter what your price point.  From full planning services to accessories and gifts, we can provide the end-to-end solutions that take the stress out of putting on a spectacular event. You can rest assured with SignatureBash, our penchant for perfection, tasteful but cost effective products and the dedication of the design team in seeing to it that every detail is addressed, your event will be one to remember.

SignatureBash Couture takes our original value proposition a step farther into the world of bridal fashion. SignatureBash Couture aims to deliver high style designs on a budget that's affordable for everyone.  If our standard items don't fit your fancy, we now offer a full suite of personalization services to adjust the look until you achieve that something special. Our philosophy is that great design does not have to break the bank!  


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